Bruno O. Sánchez


Astronomy PhD.

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About me

I am an astronomer working at Duke University trying to understand our universe and its evolution through the discovery and characterization of astrophysical transient events.

My scientific contributions are mainly in the time domain astronomy field, and include image analysis and Machine Learning, as well as statistical studies with observational data from telescopes around the world.

Research topics

My main interests include Cosmology, time-domain astronomy with transient events and periodical variability, image analysis as well as applications of Machine Learning in these research areas.

Additionally I have worked with Gravitational Wave Astronomy, mostly related with Electromagnetic/Optical Counterparts to Compact Binary Merger GW events.

I enjoy creating different data visualizations, and I have experience in Feature Engineering for optimizing Machinge Learning models performance.


Main Publications

A full list of publications is available in ADS, Google Scholar, ORCID and ResearchGate.

Find my personal contact information at Duke Physics.